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Beat Up Fran
March 24, 2011, 3:31 pm
Filed under: Fitness, food, Paleo, Workout log

For those of you in the CrossFit cult you know what Fran is how much of a bitch she can be. I usually ace around 7minutes when I do her, but I finally pushed out a 4:49 and boy was that dumb. That workout wrecks your entire body rendering you unable to fend for yourself. Fran usually leaves you disoriented and writhing in pain, wishing your arms would fall off, and is accompanied by a cough, the intense feeling of needing to vomit and shit. Not the best feeling in the world.


In other news the weather in Northern California has been wet and windy. We’ve had tornado warnings, highways closing due to snowfall, and some flooding. Woot. And rumor has it that those of us living on and around the San Andreas fault will get shaken up in the near future! Get your first aid and survival kits together, better over prepared than not prepared!


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Wow, love this girls body! Such a hottie!

Comment by Jason

I feel like I should inform you that you just got a bunch of creepy internet attention over on Reddit. Just a friendly, “Hey there are bunch of dudes staring at you,” heads up.


Comment by AllOfReddit

Hey Rita, I just want you to know that I was inspired to write about you as a picture of yours surfaced on Reddit.com: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/jgous/benching_her_own_weight/

I’m happy to see what you’ve been able to accomplish, so please keep posting on your blog so your readers can keep up to date, as I will on mine. Anyway, here’s the article I wrote on your “Fran” WOD – hope you like it!:

All the Best

Comment by Matthew

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