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September 20, 2011, 3:24 pm
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I just would like to send thanks to all of you people who check up on me to see if my lazy self has taken the time to relearn English and post on this ol’ blog. I keep saying to myself that I should get on the ball and post at least once a week. Part of my issue is I do not have Photoshop on this computer and I like to make my photos edgy so that you guys think I’m awesome. Another issue is I don’t really have any video editing software to make really compelling videos for you guys to watch. I would hate to bore you. And lastly I don’t really have very many people checking this place out unless reddit or some other web phenomenon decides to post a picture of me doing a really light bench press or something.

I’m not too sure if people find me interesting?! So my goal is to post once a week, I’m thinking Tuesday nights to start. Also, I’m gonna work on that Photoshop video editing software thing. I dare myself to accept this challenge. I also dare you, the reader, to give a sh*t about what I have to say. I’m actually kind of excited!

The photo is of a women’s CrossFit competition I did. I came in 21 out of 100 with only two weeks of training after being out for two months. The next FemmeFit is expected around January/February 2012, that’s my new motivation as well as the 2012 CF Sectionals. Cheer me on guys!

Femme Fit 2011 from Kaleidoscope Creative on Vimeo.


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I give a shit! Write more…I wish I had the balls to go to Femme Fit but I think you are kick my ass. 😉

Comment by Mildred

solid :0)

Comment by Bry

I read your Blog, although i thought you had stopped posting cus of the time between the last one. Good work cracking out fran by the way!

Comment by Paul Treasure

I laughed reading your post actually. Well, forget about those photoshop or video editing software things. The important thing is, you can express yourself in your site.


Comment by chamberlane altatis

The video editing on the Vimeo video you posted was pretty slick. I’m a weight lifter and you ladies look like you would kick the snot out of me in a fitness challenge.

Comment by Trevor

The video editing on the Vimeo video you posted was amazing. I’m a weight lifter and you ladies look like you would kick the crap out of me in a fitness challenge. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Trevor

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