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October 18, 2011, 3:30 am
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This past weekend was a blast. For starters Oktoberfit as the grand opening for CrossFit Silicon Valley was a success. It was a well run event that smashed everyone. Thanks guys. My team was awesome. Benson and Helen kicked ass in their first CrossFit competition. We took third for the scaled division  and had a blast. I also went to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open in San Jose this weekend and got to see Bryant’s teammates compete which was an awesome inspiring experience. Now I really want to learn BJJ.

Update: Due to the low traffic to this site I think I’m going to change the focus from whatever I have to say about stuff to whatever I have to say about a zombies. I think its more important. With the next season of the Walking Dead out I feel that its appropriate to educate you my peers on how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. After all tha’ts why I do CrossFit, to be prepared…Just sayin!


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Cross fit is a great preparation method in the event of a zombie hoard!

Comment by Keith

Right on… Zombies are the shit!

Comment by Mildred

So I notice that when you guys do your pull ups you swing your legs and body a bit. I’ve always thought that proper technique was to keep your body still, what’s your take on this?

Comment by Jesse

Hi Jesse,

Pull ups with that swing are known as kipping. Basically kipping is a more efficient or quick way of completing pull ups which is great in competitions. However I am also pro static pull ups without the swing because they make you stronger. In CrossFit you see kipping often due to the competitive edge of the programming. I do both, static for strength, kipping to be faster than my competitors.


Comment by Rita Benavidez

Low traffic on your blog, eh? But I read your blog, and I’m kind of a big deal… so add on a few hundred to account for that.

Comment by ext55665

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