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Pre Zombie Day
October 26, 2011, 7:56 am
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Hello guys. Before I start posting about how to survive the zombie apocalypse I thought I would make a video on pre zombie world prep as well as how to enjoy yourself. First, before you watch the video be warned. It is absolutely a waste of time unless you are completely lost in this life. That said I’m going to tell you a little bit about my day. First of all on my way to work my car, Norma (properly named after a dead lady), decided to blow a tire, totally my fault for neglecting her. After which, her battery died, she has a weak heart. To the rescue, my beautiful Germanese man came and saved the day. Dear Bryant, thank you for being awesome and for loving me.

This brings me to a very important rule when trying to survive the Z world. Be prepared, and be resourceful! Never get stuck in a spot where you are without equipment for your machinery or weapons. Otherwise be ready to discard and move on without them. Bringing me to my next rule, never get too attached to your material items, they can and will become setbacks when push comes to shove. Zombies wont wait till your done loading your shotgun before they attack.

Here is my video breakdown:

Workout to be strong, fast, and have endurance, this will heighten your chances of survival.

Spend time with loved ones, they might get eaten or may be valuable allies.

Go shopping, you want to look fabulous when the world goes to shit. It may also be the last thing you do as a human.